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Wooden Block New (Miracle Blade World Class)

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Wooden Block New (Miracle Blade World Class)


Wooden Block New / Miracle Blade World Class / "Wooden Block New" is a high-quality wooden stand for the Miracle Blade World Class collection of knives. The stand holds 16 knives և 1 scissors. For safety reasons, thanks to the feet located at the bottom of the stand, the stand will not slip and will be securely locked in place. Thanks to a perfectly thought-out design, all knives fit in their places. They are not damaged, do not deteriorate over time․

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    Thanks to high-quality natural wood material, the stand does not crack, does not deform even after prolonged use. The stand has a classic wooden design, making it easy to fit into any kitchen, becoming part of the interior. When storing knives in a stand, Miracle Blade World Class knives will serve you for many years without losing quality and sharpness. In the kitchen, the knives will be neat, and the kitchen shelves will be free for other dishes. Caution! Do not wash the stand with water. Do not store in a humid place. Wipe with a damp, clean cloth.
    ATTENTION! By purchasing a quality wood stand, you will receive 4 more steak knives included in the Miracle Blade World Class knife set as a gift.


    • Guaranteed quality
    • Classic wood design
    • Simple and safe use of knives
    • Knives will last for many years
    • Saves work space in the kitchen
    • Natural and environmentally friendly material


    • Weight: 2240 grams
    • Material: natural wood
    • Vertical position of knives
    • Dimensions: 12 x 22 x 25 cm
    • Exterior: wooden, classic design
    • Capacity: 16 knives and 1 scissors
    • Manufacturing company Ideal Products (USA)
    • Made in China


    • Box 1 pc.
    • Knives 4 pc.
    • Wooden Block 1 pc.
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