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"Mute" is a silicone magnetic anti-snoring agent. Helps to restore breathing and stop snoring during sleep. Due to the expansion of the airways, breathing becomes freer. Improves oxygen flow, resulting in intense stimulation of the sensory cells of the nose. Reduces pressure and tension of the respiratory and circulatory systems caused by hypoxia. Prevents viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, reduces the risk of heart problems.

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    A person starts snoring when the muscles in the larynx relax during deep sleep. This is a problem that can be harmful to health and danger to life. Snoring at night can lead to apnea, which is a disturbance and even stopping of breathing. In addition, snoring makes it difficult for your loved ones to sleep well. The unique development of the American company NASA surprises with its simplicity. This is a horseshoe-shaped clip made of silicone, at the end of which magnets are embedded that act on the trigeminal nerve. Breathing becomes free due to the expansion of the respiratory channels. The clip is inserted into the airways of the nose. The use of the clip is surprisingly simple, a flexible bridge is inserted into the nostrils at night, then with two fingers it is necessary to slightly squeeze the nose. to feel that the clip is securely fastened, and that's it, you can sleep peacefully. Normal sleep returns due to the fact that, at the same time, the oxygen saturation of the blood improves, the risk of heart complications decreases; the sensory cells of the nose are intensively stimulated; the pressure at night becomes more stable. Just a few minutes after wearing the clip, the person ceases to notice its presence. At the same time, even, deep breathing remains, not accompanied by loud snoring


    • Reusable
    • Safe structure
    • Does not cause discomfort
    • Restful sleep for you and your partner
    • The nasal passages remain open to maintain proper breathing
    • Made of anti-allergenic medical grade silicone, magnetic bending bridge


    • Weight: 20 gr.
    • Material: silicone
    • Color: transparent
    • Developed by NASA
    • Clamp dimensions: 1.5 x 1 cm
    • Package dimensions: 17.5 x 11 cm
    • Inside: rare earth magnets (800 + GAUS)
    • Manufacturing company Mountain USA
    • Made in China


    • Box 1 pc.
    • Packing 1 pc.
    • Mute clip 1 pc.
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