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Mini Led Thermos

Mini Led Thermos


Mini thermos with LED temperature indicator is designed for hot and cold drinks. It is a convenient accessory for traveling, hiking, car use, healthy people, such as those with small children, etc.

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    Mini Led Thermos is suitable for use in hot and cold weather as it perfectly preserves hot and cold drinks. In summer, you can store cold drinks, carbonated drinks, water, juices, etc., and in winter, hot drinks - coffee, tea, cocoa. The set also includes a special metal steamer, that is, you can brew freshly brewed tea or coffee in a thermos and enjoy it everywhere. The vacuum cap is sealed and won't spill on the car or anywhere else.


    • LED display
    • Teapot (included)
    • Tightly sealed airtight lid
    • Universal beautiful design
    • Smart temperature sensor
    • Ability to operate on batteries for 500 days
    • Maintain both hot and cold temperatures for 12 hours


    • Height: 22 cm
    • Capacity: 500 ml
    • Empty weight: 250 gr․
    • Material: polypropylene, stainless steel
    • Made in China


    • Box 1 pc.
    • Mini thermos 1 pc.
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