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The terms and conditions of the site are in compliance with the provisions of the RA Civil Code, RA Law on Trade and Services, RA Law on Protection of Consumers' Rights and other legal acts.
These terms and conditions are subject to editing in accordance with the requirements of the RA legislation and the Company's sales policy.

When using the site it is forbidden:

  • Access to minors
  • To offend, insult, slander, threaten, use inappropriate expressions
  • Violate copyright and other property rights of third parties
  • Disclose personal information to third parties
  • Try to make the site vulnerable, overload or disrupt the normal operation of the site.
  • To discredit the good reputation of the Company by misleading misinformation.

General Provisions:

  1. Seller - a legal entity selling goods to consumers (in writing or orally), (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").
  2. The consumer is a citizen or legal entity intending to order or purchase goods (work, services) exclusively for personal, family, home or other use that is not related to business (hereinafter - the Consumer).
  3. Non-food goods - this is goods intended for sale in order to satisfy the material and cultural needs of the population, light industry and other goods (hereinafter - the Goods).
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Terms of sale, gifts and discounts

The contract is concluded by sending the Consumer offer (Contract offer) by phone, e-mail or in the social network of the Company and acceptance by the Company.

Delivery is carried out in accordance with the section "Delivery Terms"

For the purposes of the definitions given here, the term "good quality" means the absence of mechanical damage, the completeness of collection, compliance with technical standards and the functionality of the functional parts, the presence of a protective film and being in the factory state (not used).

The Client shall verify that the Product is of proper quality in the presence of the Consumer. The Customer pays the amount payable to the Shipping Agent in cash or, prior to delivery, by non-cash payment by bank card and electronic payment.

The client can refuse the order while the delivery man is at the indicated address, paying the delivery man only the delivery fee.

The company regularly makes 20-80% discounts that inform us through our television ads, websites and social media pages.

Due to its flexible marketing policy, the Company provides customers with unexpected gifts, as well as the opportunity to choose one of the “Best Selling” sections for free through television advertising, a website, social networks and the company's Call Center operators.

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Terms of return and exchange of goods

  1. The company is obliged to deliver the goods of proper quality to the Customer
  2. In case of delivery of inappropriate product to the Customer, the Company shall be guided by the requirements of Article 16 of the RA Law on Protection of Consumer Rights and Article 19 of Article
  3. The Customer shall have the right to replace non-food products of good quality with the Company, if the said product is not suitable for form, size, color, size or for any other reason it may not be used by the consumer for its purpose, with the exception of the Government of 30.01.2002. N: 77 List of goods defined by decision
  4. The goods of proper quality replaced if the goods are not used, reserved its marketable, consumer properties, seals, labels, as well as the product sold to the consumer with goods or cashier's check
  5. The Customer shall have the right to replace the non-food product of good quality within thirty days, excluding the date of purchase (14-day period prescribed by Article 23 of the RA Law on Protection of Consumer Rights).
  6. If the Client does not have such good quality non-food Product available for sale on the day of application to the Company, the Client shall have the right to terminate the Purchase Agreement and to request refund of the amount paid for the specified Product (without payment for delivery service) or to replace such Product: on sale upon first receipt of the relevant Product
  7. The goods specified in the RA Government Decree N 77 of January 30, 2002 are not subject to replacement or return;
  • Products for the prevention and treatment of diseases at home (metal, rubber, textile and other health and hygiene items, medical instruments, apparatus and apparatus, oral hygiene products, vision lenses, child care products)
  • Personal hygiene items (toothbrushes, combs, hairbrushes, biggies, wigs, shinions, etc.)
  • Perfumery cosmetics, except perfumes
  • Cotton, linen, silk, wool and synthetic fabrics, non-textile fabrics (ribbons, pads, laces, etc.), cabling products (wires, sheaths, cables, etc.), construction and finishing materials (fiberglass, finishing materials) covers, etc.) and other goods missed by meters
  • Knitted linen, hosiery
  • Products and materials from polymeric materials that interact with food, including disposables (for dinner and kitchen utensils, food storage and transport containers and packaging materials)
  • Household chemicals, pesticides and agrochemicals
  • Precious metal products, precious stones products, precious metals made of semiprecious and synthetic stones, precious stones
  • Automobiles and motorcycles and their attachments and numbered aggregates, small machinery for agricultural use, yachts and other domestic appliances
  • Civilian weapons, key parts of civil and service firearms and their bullets
  • Animals and plants
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Warranty and post-warranty service

For products purchased by the Company from electricity or batteries, a three-month warranty as well as a three-year warranty service are provided.

The warranty period is the period during which the Company is obliged to satisfy the requirements of the Consumer Law established by the RA Law on Protection of Consumer Rights in case of defect of the product (labor).

During the mentioned period, the Company undertakes to eliminate any problem related to the Product under warranty free of charge (the cost of bringing the product subject to repair to the company's service center and returning it to the customer is covered by the customer, the repair is carried out free of charge), except for the cases unless:

  1. The product has not been used for its intended purpose or stored in a pest environment
  2. The product was used for business purposes in violation of the rules of operation
  3. During operation there have been fluctuations above the voltage norm
  4. There are mechanical injuries due to carelessness or incidents
  5. Damaged factory seals or other repairs and other interventions

Electric and battery powered products purchased from the company come with a three-year maintenance warranty. The post-warranty service period is the period during which, in the event of a defect in the product, the Company is obliged to repair the product free of charge, and if any part of the equipment is replaced, after reaching a preliminary agreement with the customer, to demand from the Customer only the amount of the parts to be replaced, and to bring the product to the service center and to the customer. the return costs are covered by the customer.

If it is impossible to repair the Product within the warranty period, it shall be replaced by a new one or, in the absence of such product, with the Customer's consent, equivalent to another Product.

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